Jeffrey A. Stratford, Ph.D.    

Associate Professor of Biology

210 Cohen Science Center

Wilkes University, PA 18766 USA

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Assistant Professor of Biology, Wilkes University  
Liaison between Wilkes University and Wallop's Island Marine Science Consortium
Associated with The Institute for Energy and Environmental Research and

Wilkes Institute for Environmental Science and Sustainability



B.S. (Biology), 1987-1991, Rutgers University 
M.S. (Biology), 1993-1997, Southeastern Louisiana University and Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project
     Advisor: Phil Stouffer
    Thesis: Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Neotropical Terrestrial Insectivores
Ph.D. (Biology), 1999-2005, Auburn University, Biology and Center for Forest Sustainability 
    Advisor: W. Douglas Robinson (currently at Oregon State University)
    Dissertation Title: Effects of Land Use Change on Avian Communities


         South American birds in fragmented landscapes

         Grasslands, meadows, and savannahs and grassland bird diversity in nePA (current project)

         Effects of urbanization on ecosystem services: the clay caterpillar project

         Ecotoxicology associated with natural gas drilling in eastern PA will post a link to state report soon


Fall Courses

Spring Courses

Summer Courses

  Evolution and Population Biology (BIO225)

  Conservation Biology

 Field Zoology

  Archosaurs: Birds, Crocodiles and Dinosaurs

 Animal Behavior


 Ecology (EES/BIO 344)

 Biostatistics and Experimental Design (BIO347)


Biostatistics Lab





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Ecosystem Services and Food Webs

         Fetcher, N., S. J. Agosta, J. C. Moore, J. A. Stratford, and M. A. Steele. 2015. The food web of a severely contaminated site following reclamation with warm season grasses. Restoration Ecology. Link to PDF

         Luo, Y., Z. Yang, M.A. Steele, Z. Zhang, J.A. Stratford, and H. Zhang. Hoarding without reward: rodent responses to repeated episodes of complete cache loss. Behavioral Processes. Link to abstract

         Curtis, R. A.W. Bartlow, S. Agosta, J. Clemmons, J. Stratford. 2013. Clay caterpillar whodunit: a customizable method for studying predator-prey interactions in the field. American Biology Teacher.  Link to abstract

         Bartlow, A.W., M. Kachmar, N. Lichti, R.K. Swihart, J.A. Stratford, M.A. Steele. 2011. Does multiple seed loading in Blue Jays result in selective dispersal of smaller acorns? Integrative Zoology 6:235-243. Link to abstract


         Stratford, J.A. 2010. The effect of environmental contaminants on avian populations. In, S.K. Majumdar, T.L. Masters, M.Brittingham, R.M. Ross, R. Mulvihill, and J. Huffman (eds.) Avian Ecology and Conservation: A Pennsylvania Focus with National Implications. Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences. 


         Stratford, J.A. and C.H. Şekercioğlu. In Press. Birds in Forest Ecosystems. In Handbook of Forest Ecology. Link to book.

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Neotropical Birds

         Powell, L.L., N.J. Cordeiro, and J.A. Stratford. 2015. Ecology and Conservation of avian insectivores of the rainforest understory: a pantropical perspective. Biological Conservation. In press. Link to pdf

         Stratford, J.A. and P.C. Stouffer. 2015. Forest fragmentation alters habitat availability for Neotropical tropical insectivorous birds. Biological Conservation, in press. Link to abstract.

         Stratford, J.A. and P.C. Stouffer. 2013. Microhabitat associations of terrestrial insectivorous birds in Amazonian rainforest and second-growth forests. Journal of Field Ornithology 84:1-12. Link to pdf

         Stratford, J.A. and W.D. Robinson. 2005. Gulliver travels to the fragmented tropics. Geographic variation in mechanisms of avian extinction. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 3:91-98.

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         Stratford, J.A. and P.C. Stouffer. 2001. Reduced feather growth rates of two common birds in a fragmented landscape near Manaus, Brazil. Conservation Biology 15:721-728.

         Stratford. J.A. 2000. A Ferruginous-backed Nest, Myrmeciza ferruginea, nest from Central Amazonas, Brazil. Ararajuba 8:43-44. (PDF)

         Stratford, J.A. and P.C. Stouffer. 1999. Local extinctions of terrestrial insectivorous birds in a fragmented landscape near Manaus, Brazil. Conservation Biology 13:1316-1326.


          Stratford, J.A. and W.D. Robinson. 2005. Distribution of neotropical migratory bird species across an urbanizing landscape. Urban Ecosystems 8:59-77. Link to pdf



        2010 Wilkes University Outstanding New Faculty Award

        2014 Wilkes University Faculty Choice Award

        2015 National Society of Leadership and Success Excellence in Service to Students Award





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