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Login & Password

Q. How do I recover my e-mail, MyWilkes, login and password?

A. Contact the 24/7 Help Desk by calling (570) 408 HELP (4357) or 1 866 264 1462.

Save time and enroll in the Password Manager utility now to reset your password, unlock your account when necessary, and change your password in future and avoid calling the Help Desk.

Go to Wilkes Password Manager!

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Q. How do I sign-up for a workshop?

A. Please fill out this online form.

Q. A workshop that I wanted to attend has taken place already. Are you offering it again soon?

A. If you have an immediate need on a certain workshop topic let us know and we may give you an individual session. If a workshop is requested to be conducted one more time, we make sure to schedule it for the next semester.

Q. I have an idea for a Workshop.

A. We always welcome workshops requests and suggestions. Please let us know using the Have a Question box on our online form.

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Course Design & Development

Q. I'm currently teaching a face-to-face class and I thought of adding up with an online format. Would you develop a course even if my class is face-to-face?

A. Yes, our department is open to creating online courses to support face-to-face classes as well as setting up WebCT course shells (discussions, assignments, assessments, and grade book).

Q. I would like to have my face-to-face course converted to fully online or hybrid.

A. Normally your department would reach out to us to request our development work on a online/hybrid course. If they have not yet done so, we can contact your department and make arrangements to get the course development process started.

Q. How long does it take for you to develop a course?

A. It depends on many variables: first and most important factor is the date when the course content is fully handed to us; then, the amount of course content involved in the course, the quality of the material, the types of course set up required in WebCT. In average, however, considering we have the complete course content with us a course takes about 3 months to be developed. Sometimes it may take 2 months and other times it can take up to 5 months.

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Q. How can I get Clickers for my classroom?

A. Contact us to request your Clickers. Make sure you enter the dates you'd like to use them and the quantity.

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Q. How can I get my podcast uploaded into iTunesU?

A. Contact us and we will set you up in iTunesU with login information and a quick walkthrough.

Q. How can I install Audacity into my computer?

A. Go to Audacity's website and download the latest version compatible to your computer's operational system (Windows XP, Vista or 7, or Linux/Unix).

Q. What other programs can I use instead of GarageBand and Audacity to make podcasts?

Q. How can I publish my podcasts without using iTunes/iTunesU?

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Q. How can I get Respondus installed on my computer?

A. Wilkes University has a Respondus Campus License. As a member of the Wilkes Community you just need to contact the Help Desk to submit a installation request.

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Q. How can I get Camtasia installed in my computer?

A. The school does not have a campus license. However, you can reach out to your department to request a Camtasia purchase.

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Webconference / OnSync

Q. How can I use OnSync?

A. Contact us and we will create you an account and show you how to use it. Once this is done, you can go to http://onsync.wilkes.edu and use your new login information to begin your webconference.

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